A positive path for spiritual living

Youth and Family Ministries


 Youth and Family Ministries is vitally alive and nurturing the Divine Essence of each child and teacher.

The Youth and Family Ministry Team is responsible for providing a safe and loving classroom environment for our children and teens to learn and explore spiritual Truth, deepen our understanding and faith in God, and to grow in our awareness of our Christ self.  We provide teachers and curriculum for the Sunday morning Youth Education classes. And this is how we do it - we play, we pray, meditate, read stories, talk, listen, learn, create, sing, laugh and absolutely insist on having a lot of fun!


Our Youth and Family Ministries Director is Bill Pope.


Sunday School Staff: 

Sue Davis 

Bill Pope

Andie Pope

Owen Leisey

Angie Turner

Amy Growblewski

Angela Hoover

Angie Terrell

Jhanvi Jariwala

Jeanie Mustachia

Kari Drake

Sylvia Hicks, Liscense Unity Teacher

Wendy Hoggatt

Carolyn Watts